Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lex and I have our own street sign...

One of my Poth cousins Jay with wife Susie gave this to me at Mother's party. Susie found it at a garage sale, I think. Anyway I really don't know its history but I do know there is a Leissner street outside of Seguin Texas. Leissner was my Grandmother Poth's maiden sirname. She also had a brother named Ferdinand Leissner. She and my Grandfather Poth named my Dad, Leissner Ferdinand Poth. Then I became Jr. and Lex was named Leissner Ferdinand Poth III. Anyway, I'm thinking I will have a "Poth" sign made and put them both up at one of the intersections at the ranch. I bet that will start something. I can see it now.... Sandra Lane, Lindsay Blvd., Kristi Cove, and Greg Raceway! Oh, yes and probably a Maisie Trail, Boomer Circle, and Ginobli Path.


Blogger Kristi & Lex Poth said...

I like it..."Kristi Cove" has a nice ring to it!

4:30 PM  

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