Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mother's Birthday Party

Lindsay sent these beautiful flowers.
There was plenty of sanwiches, vegetables, fruit, cake, and punch.

David and Sharon Reinhardt visit with Tricia and Mother.

Courtney, Alexa, Erin, Brielle, and Andrea...

Sandra and Beverly Poth...

Ruth Ann Vontour, Aunt Ruth, and Sandra...

Mother was really having a good time.



Everyone is trying to get a picture of Mother.

Not long before it's time to blow out the candles.

Mother gets help from some of her Great Grandchildren.

The party is on.

Ruth Ann, Robert, Kay, and Sandra.

Shena, Rosanna, Sylvia, Theresa, Katie's daughter, and Sandra.

Michael's back, Stacie, Mark, Mathew, and Andrea.

Erin, Robert, Larry, and Jayboy...


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