Monday, March 22, 2010

Lindsay is the "BEST"...

What does Lindsay do for fun on a Sunday? Well she enters an Ironman competition.
Sounds like something fun to do, right? She committed herself to a half Ironman.... That is go swim one mile in the ocean, then jump on your bicycle and ride it for fifty-six miles, then put on your running shoes and run a half marathon... thirteen miles and change. Two things I know about her.... She is very strong willed and she is the best athelete in the Poth Family. Yep, sorry guys, she has us all beat.

After all of that how can you have a smile on your face. That makes me think of a "Lindsay" story... When one day years ago, about six I'm thinking, Greg, her husband and I were riding to the ranch and he starts asking me about marrying this girl of ours. I remember telling Greg that it would make Sandra and me happy for them to marry. Then I also remember telling him not to ever ask her to do something that he didn't want her to try to do. I knew well that anytime she sets her mind to something you better just get out of the way because she will do her best to get it done. That is but one of the reasons we love her so. Oh, and by the way she is very well matched with Greg. She wouldn't be able to do what she does if it weren't for his help.
Yea Lindsay!


Blogger Greg and Lindsay said... sweet! Love you, Dad :-

7:56 PM  
Blogger The Poth's said...

Go Lindsay! Congrats....I wish I had the dedication to do something like that!

6:22 AM  

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