Wednesday, March 28, 2007

While we were gone the rains came...

These stock tanks were just about dry when we left. Now they are full. How wonderful is that?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Adios, Singapore

The Lanham family, Lindsay, Greg, Boomer, and Maisie.
Here we are pictured with Triani. She kept us clothed and fed. I even learned a Indonesian word.... "eee nuh"... delicious.

Here we are just before we took off for the airport. Thanks again Greg and Lindsay.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Our last night out on the town...

Our last night out in Singapore, Greg and Lindsay took us to Indo-Chines Restaurant by the river. We had a very enjoyable time and the food was excellent.

Lindsay and Greg have gone out of their way to show us a great time. There were a couple of things we didn't get to but we agreed to save them for the next visit.

The Singapore river at night.

A look back...

Yep, it's a pretty place especially at night.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday... City Tour

Our tour bus waiting for us to hop on and go.
Our tour guide with the paper in her hand telling us about everything.

I couldn't resist shooting a picture of the daily wash hanging out to dry on bamboo poles.

City skyline...

Another view...

Sandra pictured just after we walked in to the orchid section of the Botanical Gardens, my favorite. Next are some of the many beautiful flowers we saw there.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A morning trip to the Jurong Bird Park

Lindsay, Maisie, and Boomer seated just before we got our cab to go to the bird park.
Lindsay took the day off to take us to another one of our tourist destinations.

It didn't take long for Sandra to make friends.

These two were talking about whoopie, I think.

Lindsay makes friends too.

The birds just loved Sandra.

Sandra posing by this pretty waterfall.

Sandra doesn't miss a chance to check out souveniers. This bird park is known as one if not the best there is. What I don't have is pictures of all of the birds. Sandra was taking lots and I'm hoping she will post some. There were lots of really outstanding birds.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quiet Sunday March 18

Sunday morning, Lindsay and Sandra went to do some grocery shopping. The thing that is so interesting about shopping in Singapore is that the 'malls' are not your average place. They are multi-leveled places with all sorts of stores in the same building, up and down several floors. This picture is of the fish area of a store where you shop for everything from paper towels to fruit to fresh fish....not your average WalMart, that is for sure!
Here is Lindsay selecting the perfect giant prawns for our 'stay in and grill' dinner on Sunday night. The kids grilled chicken and prawns, fajita style with all sorts of goodies to go with them. Yum, Yum!! A wonderful, calm Sunday at home with the kids and Boomer and Maisie.

Chinatown and a Wonderful Night Out Saturday

Saturday was 'Girl's Day Out' since Freddy and Greg 'passed' on a trip to Chinatown. Of course, the main site to see here is another detailed temple similar to the one we saw in Little India. This is Sandra near a 'trishaw' in green for St. Patrick's Day!
The heart of Chinatown is an area where shops and eateries are all closed off on the weekend for the huge crowds that come each weekend. The Chinese lanterns and other decorative items are there year-round.

Sandra stood on the loading area of the MRT and took this shot of Lindsay as she stands in the midst of the shops and eating places...everything you can imagine! People everywhere too!

People dart from umbrelled area to the next, but what you don't see is that each umbrella is in front of 'shophouses' that have deep, narrow shops with all sorts of of Chinese wares and then, on top, house the owners or others who live there.

The finale to this remarkable day was going out with Lindsay and Greg to their favorite restaurant in the Botanic Garden Center. Perched on a hill in the center is what Greg calls his favorite restaurant in Asia. Wonderful spot, perfect service and incredible food. There were several courses and we enjoyed each bite! Thanks, Greg and Lindsay was taking us out for this special, unique dining experience to end our Saturday!

A Day in Little India

Friday March 16 was the day that both Lindsay and Greg took off work to be with us, so we all headed down to Little India to explore this interesting cultural area. This is one of the famous temples in the area. Check out the next picture for the details of the deities which protect people from all sorts of stuff.

On the street corner near the temple was this flower strand stand....if you notice what looks like a crocheted blanket to the right, it is actually multiple strands of the same flowers all hanging together.

Here is Sultan Mosque, another religious place just one block from the other temple. In Singapore, all the religions and peoples live in relative harmony and seem to do very well!

Here is Freddy and his 'favorite daughter' Lindsay standing near a wonderful fabric store we shopped in on Arab Street.

Fascinating place---an herb and seasoning store where everything you and I all buy in little bottles in the US are displayed for bulk purchase in the tubs and shelf containers. Turmeric, peppers, sesame name it! I was totally fascinated!

The end of our trip to Little India was a lunch stop for a very "Singaporean dish"....LAKSA. This is a noodle dish that has prawns, cockles, and a spicy coconut sauce that was simply outstanding! What a way to end the morning!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Greg and Lindsay's Home

I've been a little slow to get pictures of the wonderful home Lindsay and Greg have so I took time today to make my way around and get pictures. This view shows the entry from the street.
This is the front and main doorway.

This side door takes you to the pool area.

This is the right front side facing their home.

This is a pretty garden area behind the house.

This is their pool and lounge area.

The guest bedroom, our sleeping spot, notice Maisie helping me take pictures.

Living room...

More living room showing a different angle.

Part of the entry looking into the living room.

The dining room...

A view from the dining room looking toward the living area.

My helpers Maisie and Boomer already resting from following me around taking pictures.

Another view of the living area.

A look outside from the living area to the pool.

The spiral staircase that takes you upstairs.

The den TV room...

Greg and Lindsay's bedroom.

One of the bathrooms, I think they have five..

Another view of the master bedroom.

Greg and Lindsay's bed showing the little steps. Can you guess what they are for? You guessed it.... their main buddies, Boomer and Maisie.