Monday, January 26, 2015


Sandra and I were out taking bird pictures with her new camera.  We were able to get some neat ones like this Quail hen that paused long enough for a nice picture.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A Whitetail deer operation. ( 16548 )

 Once you build a high fence you then have to understand that you need to provide for all animals inside that cannot exit.  In our South Texas water is one of the first things you must see that  is provided.  Besides constructing earthen ponds you need to have a emergency supply also.
 This water trough is constructed so that the float mechanism cannot be disturbed.
 Cool water is also enjoyed by the family dog.
Two types of supplemental feed troughs are seen in this photo a metal trough that is covered and also in the distant a gravity drop protein feeder.
 Senderos are tilled anually and seeded for supplemental grazing of cool weather oats, clover, and trunips.
 Predator control is also necessary, not to eleminate all predators but to control the numbers.
 Periodic controlled burns can help too.
Here a food plot is being disced not only to control brush but also to provide a seedbed for planting.  It also encourages weed growth which provide tender browse.

Land set aside for songbirds ( 43958 )

Indigo Bunting
 Vermillian Flycatcher
Painted Bunting

Above are some of the colorful songbirds that we see in our part of Southern Atascosa Co. Texas.  We are in one of the main migrational flyways.  Some of these birds visit for only a short time and others longer.  The ones I've pictured here are some of the colorful  ones but they are all interesting to watch if you take the time to slow down and be an observer.