Saturday, May 30, 2009


Check the different rates of progress on these deer's antler growth. I bet it doesn't look like much difference to you but it does to me.

Bryan comes all the way from Tennesee to go ranching.

Wynn Wright's grandson, Bryan, is taking his grandfather for a spin. It looks like Grandpa is mighty proud.

Wynn keeps a watchful eye on these two four foot alligators who act like they are ready to pounce on their big toes. Note the protective stance Grandpa takes with shovel in hand. Bryan looks like he feels safe.

You just never know what the game cameras will capture...

Here is a young buck in his "boxing" posture. All the while a racoon gobbles up feed.
Here is a doe giving a racoon the "mal ojo" or evil eye to this racoon that has come to this feeder wanting to steal a bite.

Here is a cardinal caught in mid-flight early one morning.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lex in Singapore with Lindsay and Greg

Here they are Lindsay and Lex. Lex flew to Singapore to visit with Lindsay and Greg on his way home from Taiwan. I know Lindsay showed Lex a good time. She is the best tour guide. I only wish Kristi, Sandra, and I could have been there too.
Here Lex is about to dig into some Pepper Crab and wash it down with "Tiger Beer". Now that stuff will tingle your tastebuds.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gifts for the Baby Shower

Getting ready to go to the baby shower for Kristi and Lex's Baby GIRL was SO much fun for Grammy Sandra---she decided to do a pretty floral wreath in the colors of the baby's room. At the shower, Kristi thought that they might take the wreath to hang on her door at the hospital. And, it can go on the front door at home to announce her arrival or it can go on her room door or on her room wall---so many options!
Grammy Sandra also got creative with a simple 8-frame collage frame for 4 x 6 pictures---each frame has a coordinated ribbon or rick-rack trim in pinks, sage green and brown with little pink and white buttons to add that extra 'pink touch'! Hmmmm.....I imagine there will be lots of pictures can go in the frames when Baby Girl Poth comes!

Here is the darling musical mobile that Nanny Swierc sent to the shower with Sandra. Little pink and brown flowers plus a little lady bug will float above the crib for entertaining times!

This pretty photo album is for Lex to store some of the many pictures we know he will take of his baby girl! Imagine finding a chocolate, pink and sage green suede cover!! What luck! Sandra forgot to take a picture of the "camo" baby set she decorated: a one-sie with a cute pink bow at the neck; a bib and burp pad with pink rick-rack; a pair of little booties; and a baby bottle ALL in camo material decorated with touches of pink for our baby girl!

Shower for Baby Girl Poth

Here are "The Kilgore Girls": Cindy Fleharty (Kristi's older sister); Kristi (with Baby Girl Poth); Channing Kilgore (Kristi and Cindy's cousin) and Taylor Kilgore (also Kristi and Cindy's cousin) posing right before opening all the presents when the shower got underway!
Sandra attended a lovely baby shower held at Valarie Kilgore's house in Haslet on Sunday May 24, 2009. It was a great event with a ton of ladies attending and Baby Girl Poth (attending with her Mother!). Here is Kristi holding up the darling cake her very talented cousin Mylynka made for the "Ice Cream and Pickles" Baby Shower!

Look at all the goodies on the refreshment table! No one could say they left hungry!

The 'drink center' with lovely pale pinks and greens in balloons and all the rest!

What little cuties Kristi and Lex were when they were little! Who could have guessed they would find each other and now are bringing a baby into their lives soon?

Kristi and Taylor are checking out the cutest 'diaper cake' make of tiny diapers and all sorts of little baby items----a soft hair brush, pacifier, toothbrush, teething ring and so much more---so clever!

Cindy did a super job of arranging a lot of the baby presents up and down the stairs---what a lovely assortment of goodies for Baby Girl Poth! Our thanks to Valarie and the other hostesses for having this wonderful event for Kristi, Lex and their soon-to-be precious Baby Girl Poth!

Mother's 99th Birthday Party

Ninety-nine years and still counting. When we talk about the ninety-nine years she says, "Oh, that's only one from a hundred, am I that old"?
Pretty flowers that Lindsay and Greg, who live in Singapore, sent for her birthday.

Here she is about to read from a sheet that listed many things that were current the year she was born, May 24, 1910.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coyote slipping by a feed trough...

The cameras are quick, but not quick enough to get all of the coyote in this picture.

Deer Update

The main beams and browtines are pushing out. Soon it will be a chore to match them with last years pictures. After they get about three years old they are easy to follow because their antlers keep the same characteristics.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

El Rancho estan muy seco.

As you can see by looking at these two stock ponds we really need a good rain to run some water. It looks green around them but that is about the only place it is green.

Antlers are growing

It is fun for me everytime I download my game camera pictures to see what progress the bucks' antlers are making. As you can see by these pictures not all are progressing at the same rate.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Sandra finds "Bruto's" shed antler..

I took Sandra out to the ranch to show her my water project and, while riding around, she spotted this shed antler. It turned out to be the shed of Bruto, our six and one half year old buck. It is his left side antler. I told her I had driven by it at least six times since Bruto lost it and never saw it. She reminded me that, when we were a [lot] younger, I used to call her Eagle Eye!