Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010--What a Difference One Year Makes!

Thanksgiving 2010 was very different from last year in 2009 when our little Katelyn was only a few months old. Lindsay and Greg came to South Carolina to be sponsors for Katelyn's baptism and we sure missed them this year. Look at the gorgeous flower arrangement Lindsay sent for the holiday---the lilies smelled so good as they opened! We were very happy to visit with Kristi's parents, Mary (Mimi) and Raymond (Pops) Kilgore along with Kristi's sister Cindy and her darling little baby boy, Drew. Lots of family was so much fun!

Katelyn is getting to be a 'big girl' now...look at her and Lex having the cutest 'Daddy-Daughter' conversation at the little playground in their subdivision. She is really growing up fast!

Grammy holding Katelyn in the back yard on Thanksgiving day!

Caught Pappy and Katelyn in the backyard too on Thanksgiving Day!

Grammy and Pappy are holding Katelyn while she is 'styling' her cute Thanksgiving bib.

Lex and Katelyn took Pappy and Grammy on a wonderful trip to the Greenville Children's Museum where Katelyn just loved the little area with a house and garden. She loved the sink in the kitchen. Lex said that she has already gotten a lot more 'into' the museum since the last time they went a short time ago.

She was also very 'into' cooking with the child-sized utensils...she will be a big help for her Mommy and Daddy in the years to come.

Katelyn is Daddy's helper sweet!

Kristi had thyroid surgery on Tuesday and Katelyn was lovin' up on her Mommy the next day when Kristi got home. She was happy to have all the family (her Mimi and Pops Kilgore and Aunt Cindy and cousin Drew Fleharty) along with Grammy and Pappy, but there is nothing like her Mommy!
Thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday visit in South Carolina, Poth's! Can't wait to see you all in Texas in a few weeks for Christmas! Love you all!

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Big Cat

My trail camera caught a picture of this Bobcat passing by this corn feeder at dusk. He looks to be a big one.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fawns eating protein

The fawns follow their Moms to the troughs and it isn't long before they are sticking their heads in and eating too.