Sunday, November 27, 2011

Poth Family in South Carolina

We just returned from visiting Kristi, Lex, Katelyn, and Levi for Thanksgiving.  We already miss them "Mucho".  Levi is such a calm content little boy.  I thought I could notice him growing each day.  Miss Katelyn is such a good "big sister".  She goes non-stop playing each waking hour.  I barely arrived when she had me sit and play school with her.  During one of the sessions she surprised us all by learning to spell her name... K A T E L Y N.  Then soon after.... P O T H.  Not bad for two years, three and a half months.  She was always coming up with some huge word and using it correctly.  Kristi and Lex will have a full time job keeping new stuff in front of her.  Thanks Lex and Kristi for the fun time.

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