Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Poth family history

 My Poth ancestors came to Texas and the United States by ship and landed at Indianola, Texas.  There they traveled by foot to the Guadalupe Valley near Yoakum, Texas, and settled on fertile land that became known as the Hochheim Prairie.
The picture above shows St. Ann's Catholic Church which was built on land that was donated by my Great Grandfather and his wife, Jacob and Anna Poth.
This stone is erected in the center of a burial plot where some of my family are buried.
This stone marks the grave of Jacob Poth who served in the Confederate Army.  As a kid, I remember traveling to reunions held near the above church and meeting cousins, both close and distant. Some even had the last name of "Leissner", my Grandmother's maiden name.  She had a brother named Ferdinand Leissner for whom my Father, Leissner Ferdinand Poth, is named.  Now Levi is the fourth in the line. And I'm betting that the four of us, Dad, Me, Lex, and Levi are the only four who have been on this earth.

Now, like Paul Harvey used to say, you know the rest of the story.


Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

Great story! I'm glad Levi gets to be the fourth.

Karen said...

Jacob and Anna Poth were also my great-grandparents, so you and I must be distant cousins! So cool to find your blog.

Rebekah Proffer said...

Jacob is my third great-grandfather through his son Arthur Alfred "Otto" Poth, his son Leslie James Poth, his daughter, and my grandmother, June Marie Poth. It's great to find your blog! Do you write about family often?

If you have any family photos, please share them with captions so we know who is who, I'd love to see some pictures of our family!