Monday, April 05, 2010

Sandra's wildflower pictures

Shot on FM3006 between Hwy 281 and I37. Quite impressive!
Everywhere you look, there is a different combination of prominent wildflowers.

As long as no one mows or shreds the bar ditches AND it rains, this sort of loveliness returns each year!

How many different varieties can YOU count???

It resembles a Robert Wood painting, only THIS is real!

Oops, this is one I shot, not is one of our favorite from McCoy!

Incredible century plant in the midst of pale pink primroses.

Sandra's Mother has been missing seeing this year's wildflowers, so Sandra stopped several times on her way to San Antonio to get some of this year's record 'show' for her. This one shot is located on the west side of I37 near the Loop 1604 intersection. The hills are literally covered with bluebonnets making it appear to be blue water!


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