Monday, May 03, 2010

Where else but in small town Texas will you see this in your yard?

After going down town I returned to spot this unusual bird in our yard. It had me stumped for a minute because it was all white. I soon came to realize that it was a guinea fowl. When I went back outside to get a picture of it, it wanted no part of me and fled. It soon flew up into one of the large oak trees and kept a watchful eye on me as I snapped a few pictures. In the past we have seen other things on our lot..... coyotes, racoons, opossums, mexican eagles, tree ducks, hawks, and for years we had an owl that would hoot us to sleep at night. I guess then why not a guinea.


Blogger Thanatos Creed said...

Hey could you describe what it looked like? cuz, i can't see the pic on my screen.

11:06 AM  

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